Empty PHP entry points where JSON entry points exist

Although most PHP entry points have been emptied when they were converted to have an extension.json file, there are some places where the PHP entry points are still mostly as is. Sometimes with comments "these need to be kept in sync"

The task is to remove them.

Here you can find list of extensions where this still has to be done:

Steps to Start

  1. Choose one MediaWiki extension which you would like to work on.
  2. Clone the required MediaWiki extensions by following
  3. Submit a patch in Wikimedia Gerrit by following
  4. Make sure to follow the commit message guidelines and link in your patch commit message to T140007.

Select any extension you would like to work on. Please also add yourself to the table in by clicking Edit Task and use the preview, so we can avoid multiple people working on the same extension. You will have to create a Wikimedia Phabricator account for this.

Important: Each student can work on maximum of two Extensions in this task. To fix this, you need to make changes like .

Task tags

  • php

Students who completed this task

Zoran Dori, AlexUnder

Task type

  • code Code
  • done_all Quality Assurance