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DestSol - Make your own faction! - Part 4: Add a small ship and a station to your module

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Destination Sol allows the user to create their own factions, each faction consisting of ships, weapons, projectiles and bases. This task chain guides the student through the process of creating their own faction!

There are 4 basic sizes of ships in Destination Sol - small, medium, large and capital, in addition to the base that they spawn in. The player usually starts in a small ship, and works their way up to large ships. In addition, there are different weapons and projectiles as well. Ideally, all of the assets provided by a single module follow the same overall theme.

This task focuses on the small ship, and the base.


Acceptance Criteria

  • Add the ships (texture, icon and config) and a spawnConfig (config) to access them to your module. Also, request the mentors to create you a new repo under Destination Sol, where you can house your faction permanently. Upload the changes to the newly created repo.
  • Attach a screenshot of the ships in-game as proof of your work.
  • Attach a screenshot of the collision meshes of the ships that you made in Box2D-Editor (or whichever tool you prefer).

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