Liquid Galaxy project

[BASH] - Create bash script to run a background for Liquid Galaxy

A Liquid Galaxy can be used to run many different applications. Sometimes it's needed to change for one application to another, for example: there is a Liquid Galaxy in a fair and we need to change from Google Earth to Galaxy Pong. As Galaxy Pong and Google Earth are things apart, we must close one to open the other one. Therefore, when you close an application what is left for the user to see is the Ubuntu background.

The objective of this task is to create a bash script that opens a regular image or an animated one that covers the Ubuntu interface, so the user can't see what's behind the applications. The script needs to be launched as soon as the computers boot and the images must bring an immersive experience.

Task delivery
Send us the bash script and the used images in the task of your Google Code-In dashboard for mentor review and approval

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Dyl, Qazi Omair Ahmed

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