Design a poster for CircuitVerse

CircuitVerse is an OpenSource platform that lets users explore the world of digital logic circuits by providing a simulator and resources to learn digital circuits.

Your task is to design a creative appealing poster that could be used to make people aware of what CircuitVerse is and its benefits. You can make it an infographic as well.

Deliverables: Submit the design in PNG format. An editable format (like PSD) is preferred.

Note: The design must be your original work. Only use images that have a license to freely use, share and modify commercially. Cite sources of the images if used.

Task tags

  • poster
  • infographic
  • design

Students who completed this task

Toby, Shiva, Josh Heng, Dri, M.Anantha Vijay, Mohit, Anushka

Task type

  • web Design