Design a HTML email template to congratulate GCI students

It's exciting to be part of GCI and even nicer to thank participants such as yourself for working together with OpenMRS. Here's the opportunity for you to design an HTML email template to congratulate everyone for their hard work.

  1. Give a space to mention the participant name (you can mention your GCI -ID/nickname)
  2. Give a space to mention the completed task counts.


  • be sure to cite any source you use to get the information to complete this task


Submission steps

Deploy the template in a web hosting service (a popular choice is GitHub Pages), or place your work in a .zip archive and upload here.

Task tags

  • html
  • email
  • template

Students who completed this task

Jakub, AsviBKR, prathamesh_m009, pl9870, sp2956, adesh patil, Saad Khaleeq, riskycase, Ishaanndas, Xorne, PermissionError, Saksham, SarthakA9, jaagrav, Ninad Dadmal, Kit-Kat, Aashna Gupta, gamer-1748, cyulater123, RoboKrrish, Hannah, mihiraggarwal, HBK_07, pablopg, chinemerem, Bolu, kwalia, dzejqub, Devanshk09, tejasmate, Michelle, Parth, Shriyans Mohanty, HannahG, darshvatsa, Jwire1, Maciej, KishginthraamJHC, Nayan, Ryan R., AKASH KUMAR SINHA, Ribhav Sharma, itztaylorau, samaths, jonot, Saaras, GeekTech, Vedant, tixpro, Yuv_is_here, S.Kishgintharaam, kanha, Folkse7, iTeije, bl6, SriramJHC, sankha, Rishabh Gupta, Om Patil, singhutsav5502, ADI_CODER, ajey muthiah, Raydex, Roku234, cross_theta, Utkarsh, Najib

Task type

  • code Code
  • web Design