Write a brief article about Open-source

Open source refers to a computer program in which the source code is available to the general public for use for any (including commercial) purpose, or modification from its original design.

We expect you to write an article on this topic which must include:

  1. Write about Open source.
  2. Softwares and mediums that support Open-source and the usage of those.(Eg: Ubuntu, GitHub)
    • At least 8 Open Source software or mediums and usage
    • Mention the Web URLs also.
  3. A brief introduction to events that support Open-source(Eg: Hacktoberfest)
    • At least 2 events
    • Mention the Web URLs also.
  4. Crisp and must include important points only.
  5. Provide links for technical words and highlight important concepts.
  6. Last Line of your document : 'It was created by <your_gci_id> with my knowledge and learnings. I haven't copied any piece of content from any other resources to complete this task'

Submission Steps:

Submissions in pdf format/public article posting platforms.

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