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Getting Started: Try running SwagLyrics on your machine.


SwagLyrics is an application that fetches the currently playing song from Spotify on Windows, Linux and macOS to displays the lyrics in the command-line or in a browser tab (using Flask). Refreshes automatically when song changes and uses lyrics fetched from Genius. The application is also available as a pip module.

PyPI :

The task

The task is to install SwagLyrics on your machine and run it. Instructions can be found in the README file. It requires you to have the Spotify application installed (to check if it works). If you encounter any error, create an issue.

Since we depend on users to use it on a variety of songs to help us improve, bonus points if you can find a song on Spotify for which SwagLyrics doesn't work but lyrics do exist on our lyrics provider. You would also be testing it out on different platforms so that's nice as well :)

Requirements to complete this task

After successful installation, verify it's working with any song on Spotify. Send the screenshot/gif after completion.

Note: It needs to be your own screenshot. Using the screenshot from the readme will be considered as plagiarism and will result in you being reported.

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  • python
  • swaglyrics
  • pip
  • testing

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