CCExtractor Development

Design CCExtractor banner for GSoC 2020


CCExtractor is a tool to extract subtitles/closed captions from video streams. It's used by universities for research purposes, as well by regular users that want to extract captions from various formats.

The task

As always, we are super excited and enthusiastic about participating in GSoC next year. It would be awesome to have a nice banner for our organisation to include in GSoC page and the related blog posts. Your task is to create a CCExtractor banner for GSoC 2020.

Requirements to complete this task

We expect the source files to be submitted, as well as a render of how the finalized design would look.

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Task tags

  • banner
  • design
  • graphics

Students who completed this task

Sam P, MajesticHero, Creative sharman, Rajat Singh, reveur_guy

Task type

  • web Design