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(X) [winnerstrack] Python: Advanced Python debugger (style sheet)

This task should only be done if you've done the previous ones in the series.

Add (in the style sheet file, or whatever you are calling it) a way to specify different ways to display specific variables. For example, given this simple example:

my_list = [1, 3, 5, 7, 9] for i in range (len (my_list)): print my_list[i]

Clearly i is a pointer into my_list, yet there is no way to tell that from the source code. Come up with a good way to describe that relationship in the style sheet (also: come up with a better name for it) and a way to graphically display it in the video.

A possible idea is to allow pointer variables to be graphically below the element in the array they are pointing to.

Also, add an option to mute specific variables (don't display them at all).

Following tasks will ask you to add more ways to represent variables in ways that are useful for well known data structures. Keep that in mind when coming up with your architecture!

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