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Getting Started: Come up with 3 ideas on using the SwSpotify library


SwSpotify is a cross-platform Python library to get the currently playing info from Spotify locally without using their API that results in an unparalleled speed improvement. SwSpotify allows you to access the song and artist name, as well as info whether Spotify is paused or closed.

The library has been used in a variety of other cool libraries, and we're excited to hear new ideas. Some examples of other libraries using SwSpotify include SwagLyrics, spotify-music-videos and Spotify-Song-Announcer.

The Task

This is not a coding task, you simply need to come up with 3 potential ideas of using the library and describe them. If your ideas are cool, we might even follow them up with a task to implement one of them if you're up to it :)

It could be something really creative or even a simple use that no one's thought of yet. We're excited to see what you can come up with!

Requirements to complete this task

A document detailing your 3 ideas and their description. At least 50 words per idea would be nice.

Task tags

  • swaglyrics
  • spotify
  • ideas
  • python

Students who completed this task

DominatingDonut, Scottie27

Task type

  • assessment Outreach / Research