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(III) [winnerstrack] A simple who is who game (example deck generator)

This should only be done if you have done the previous tasks.

In order to test your program and play with it users will need decks, of course. They can be generated manually but most often than not they will come from a database of some kind.

Your job here is to write a program, NOT IN FLUTTER (because it needs to run on computers, not phones) that generates a deck that your program can use.

What deck? Well, the contents are not so important, so you can use anything you want but it should have at least 10,000 unique records.

Some ideas: List of American Actresses:

List of NBA players:

Remember that the generated deck must be a zip file that contains everything (so it can be quite large). That means the name, the picture, and other relevant stuff (that varies from deck to deck, for example if you are doing the NBA one probably the years active and teams would be a good idea).

Once you have created the program, upload it to github.Add both the source code and the output .zip.

Make sure of course that your program works perfectly with that deck.

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  • python
  • game
  • winnerstrack
  • flutter

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