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Flutter: Get Weather Data


Flutter is a tool released by Google to create mobile apps, web apps using one code base. Flutter has many great benefits and makes it easy to develop an app, since Dart is easy to learn and the code compiles quickly.


Your task is to fetch weather Data! Build a simple app that makes a request from an input box somewhere in the screen and shows the response data you get from the provider in a visual and beautiful way. Don't just dump JSON or XML data, it's hard for the eyes to a regular user and he might think your app isn't functioning :)

What we expect from you

We expect a Git Repository for the project.

Task tags

  • api
  • networking
  • flutter
  • rest

Students who completed this task

Terence Chan, Daste, NabhanKhan, Techno-Disaster, A. A., SheeNigami, Tantan4321

Task type

  • code Code
  • assessment Outreach / Research