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Add EV3 timer unit tests


Unit testing is an important part of software development. Tested code is more reliable and makes future changes to the structure safer.

This is a GitHub task, make sure to read the info.


Using the Open Roberta Lab, students program robots using graphical blocks. However, robots don't understand this language. It's job of our server translate the graphical blocks into actual code. As you may know, programs written in written programming languages needs to be correct to be compiled.

To be sure that our server generates valid code, we have created some graphical programs and exported them as XML files. The tests load the XML and then use the code generator to generate the code. Finally, the compiler is invoked to check if the code contains errors.

When we created the tests, we forgot to create the tests for the timer blocks of the EV3 robot (you can find them in the sensors section). We would like you to create the missing tests for the 3 programming languages used for this robot (Java for leJOS, Python for ev3dev and C for c4ev3).


A pull request with the added tests.

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