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Bug catching in micro:bit & senseBox blocks


Of course there should not be any bugs if possible, but some always slip through.

This is a Quality Assurance task, make sure to read the info.

In this task the focus lies on the blocks themselves.


Try to find bugs in the micro:bit and senseBox blocks!

Use every block at least once across one or multiple programs and open the code view ("<>"). Next, compile the program with the run button.

If something unexpected happens, either create a GitHub issue or describe the bug as explained here.


Complete the task by providing a link to the GitHub issue or your description of the bug following the template. If you did not find anything let us know what you tried and show us some example programs.

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  • advanced
  • creative

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nishanth1232, Blippy, Aria

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  • done_all Quality Assurance