R Project for Statistical Computing

Explain with simple-words the "Constant Folding" rco's optimization strategy.

The idea behind this task would be to give an easy-to-understand/non-technical explanation of "Constant Folding" code optimization technique.

This explanation might be added to the rco's documentation page. A new topic named "Idea" must be added before the "Background" topic. In order to add it, the rco project must be forked, and the file https://github.com/jcrodriguez1989/rco/blob/master/vignettes/opt-constant-folding.Rmd modified. This file is an R markdown file, it is recommended to install RStudio to easily compile this file.

Create a pull request to the repository with your work, and provide the pull request link as a comment to the task.

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  • explain
  • markdown
  • optimization
  • example

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