R Project for Statistical Computing

Draw a hexagon logo for the autokeras package

Many software packages have hexagon logos. Examples from R include data.table and ggplot2; there are many from outside the R ecosystem as well. In this task, you should draw a new hexagon logo for the autokeras R package. The hex logo must be related to the task the package develops. In this case, autokeras is a tool for auto deep learning, for more information you could check out the AutoKeras Python library. Also, a fun idea would be to mix between the auto (car in spanish) word and the Keras library.

You have two choices about how to make the logo:

  1. Use R itself to draw the logo! To do that you will need to install R, the package for which you want to create the logo, and the hexSticker package. Remember that in R you can install packages via as on your computer via install.packages("pkgname") or devtools::install_github("pkgname"). Most packages have examples with plots/graphics that you can use on the hexagon logo -- use example(functionName, package="pkgname") to run the example code for a function. Finally, use the hexSticker package to draw the logo.

  2. draw by hand using a program such as Inkscape.

The hexbin github repo recommends SVG file, 181x209 PNG file, and printing size 2" x 1.73".

Fork the package for which you drew the logo, and create a pull request that adds the logo file.

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