R Project for Statistical Computing

Exploring R events per city and country

Download the raw file of the data from: https://github.com/benubah/r-community-explorer/blob/master/docs/events_past_year.rds and save it in your current working directory. You may find it easier this way than to read it directly from the Web.

Coding tasks:

  1. Read this data into R (example: https://mgimond.github.io/ES218/Week02b.html)
  2. Obtain the count of events for each city and country
  3. Obtain the top 50 groups that had more events
  4. Visualize the top 50 groups based on the count of their events

Visualizations could come in the form of a of bar chart or pie chart.

Submit your R code and visualizations

Task tags

  • visualization
  • r statistical computing
  • exploratory analysis

Students who completed this task

Guilherme Marcelo, VE FORBRYDERNE, SR Tang

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