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(hard) Interactive data visualization exercises using animint2

animint2 is an R package for creating animated and interactive data visualizations using a grammar of graphics. An online manual is available, and the best page to get started is http://members.cbio.mines-paristech.fr/~thocking/animint2-manual/Ch02-ggplot2.html

For this task your goal is to create an interactive data visualization and post it online using the animint2gist function which is described here, http://members.cbio.mines-paristech.fr/~thocking/animint2-manual/Ch05-sharing.html#animint2gist

You will need to install R and the animint2 package, then execute some code for creating an interactive data viz, then use the animint2gist function to post the data viz online on your gist profile.

The data viz must be the result of one of the exercises described in the animint2 online manual. At the bottom of each web page is a section "Chapter summary and exercises" which contains several exercises which are appropriate for this task. Links above are for chapter 2 and 5 but you can do any exercise in any chapter, as long as you post the result as a gist. Make sure to include the bl.ocks.org link as your task result here, e.g. http://bl.ocks.org/tdhock/raw/8495cd5164a38c360ee1/ http://bl.ocks.org/tdhock/raw/aef616ba22fee33e82f5/ http://bl.ocks.org/tdhock/raw/cfc5d67636ee76d42be0/ http://bl.ocks.org/tdhock/raw/10f27e4ace80bffa10a0/

The easier version of this task is https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/tasks/4818087656816640/

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