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Helping women find their potential in code. You are not alone.

We welcome everyone! We have tasks that involves no coding experience.


Systers is an international community encouraging the participation of all women involved in technology. We have over 8,500 members from more than 70 countries around the world. We welcome the participation of women technologists of all ages at any stage of their studies or careers. Systers Open Source is a sub-community of Systers that has over 1,500 members from more than 15 time zones.

Mobile App

Systers Open Source has many projects, but we are focusing on Mentorship System (Android & Backend) for Google Code-in this year. In the past, we received feedback from participants that working on multiple projects was confusing so each year we rotate through our active projects. Mentorship System is an application that matches women in tech to mentor each other, on career development, through 1:1 relations during a certain period of time.


All Systers mentors are volunteers. We have mentors from different time zones which means our organization does not currently have 24-hour availability on Zulip Chat or the GCI Website.

  • If a task takes longer than 24 hours for review, politely ping the task's assigned mentors in #gci > task review needed topic. Follow the instructions to alert your mentors.
  • If a task takes longer than 36 hours for review, politely ping the @admins in #gci > task review needed topic's response that you created before. Review the topics instructions.

Primary Open Source License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPL-3.0)

Programming Languages:

  • kotlin
  • android
  • python
  • flask
  • graphics


  • mentoring
  • women in tech
  • mobile
  • design
  • inclusive