The Julia Programming Language

A fresh approach to Technical Computing

Julia is a programming language for ease of use and performance, which is rapidly gaining momentum in all kinds of technical and scientific computing. Our community of users have built state of the art packages in many areas of mathematics, machine learning, and the physical sciences . A Code In project in Julia is an opportunity to work at the intersection of programming and mathematics.

Work on the core language is welcome, but we are also acting as an umbrella organisation for several packages in the Julia ecosystem. Notable packages include Flux (deep learning), DifferentialEquations, JuliaBerry (physical computing), and PiCraft (Minecraft) . We have a range of tasks available, from simple to complex. Our tasks include introductory material involving learning Julia and its ecosystem, some graphic design opportunties, as well as many tasks involving significant Julia programming.

Primary Open Source License: MIT license (MIT)

Programming Languages:

  • julia


  • machine learning
  • mathematics
  • game programming
  • raspberry pi