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Music Blocks Git Backend: Part 1 - Implementation Plan

Meta: Multi-Part Tasks

This is part of a new style of tasks: it is not self-contained, but rather forms part of a larger project broken up into many small tasks. It is expected that the person who claims the first task will complete the rest of the project, although this does not have to be the case.

Why do this?

In order to help learners create, share and be inspired by others' work, Music Blocks has a Planet - an online sharing platform for Music Blocks projects. Although it has a rudimentary 'fork' function, whereby a learner can create a new project based off the work of another, we could do a lot more to allow users both to reflect on their projects' development (i.e. versioning / history) and to be able to collaborate effectively with others (i.e. forking / merging projects). As it happens, these functions are all functions that a version control system like Git can provide.

What do I need to do?

This task, simply put, is to draft an implementation plan / proposal for a Git-based Planet. For more details, see You can (and are encouraged to) include HTML mockups, code snippets and/or pseudocode if you feel these are helpful when explaining your design.

Submit this document to complete the task.

After an implementation plan has been finalised and agreed upon, more tasks will be created allowing you to code your design.

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  • design proposal

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