The Mifos Initiative

FinTech non-profit leveraging the cloud, mobile, and open source community to deliver digital financial services to the world’s 3 billion poor and underbanked.

The Mifos Initiative is a US-based 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to speed the elimination of poverty by leading a global community that builds, supports, and uses Mifos, a free and open source platform enabling the delivery of digital financial services to the world’s 3 billion poor and underbanked. Our game-changing approach unites financial institutions, local technology partners, and volunteer developers to innovate with a set of open source core banking building blocks to build impactful digital financial services.

More than 12 million clients are being reached by 350 financial institutions & fintech innovators who use the Mifos software to power their operations across 40+ countries.

We’re at the forefront of transformative technology for financial services to the poor. You will work with a global community guided by creating a world of 3 Billion Maries. You’ll get to build cutting edge enterprise tech that is cloud-native & mobile, research the fast-paced fintech market, craft messages & design graphics for our donor base, design optimal user experience for apps serving the poor, all mentored by leading fintech developers & financial inclusion practitioners that will shape you professionally:

  • Mobile Wallets & Mobile Banking Apps via SMS, USSD, & Android
  • Android Mobile Apps to empower field officers to effectively serve the poor
  • New apps leveraging AI and machine learning
  • Angular based web apps for managing the back office of a financial institution

Primary Open Source License: Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)

Programming Languages:

  • java
  • android
  • angular
  • spring
  • mysql


  • fintech
  • mobile apps
  • financial inclusion
  • machine learning
  • enterprise