Add an HD logo for three Wikimedia project websites who does not HD logo enabled yet (I)

MediaWiki can send HD logos to high-density screens, so you don't have the logo blurred. For this feature to work, there must be two additional logos - 1.5 and 2x variants configured. Some projects already have this enabled (mostly Wikipedias), but hundreds of them still remain. It's helpful if you have edited SVG images before.

In order to complete this task, do the following:

  1. Pick three projects in the task.
  2. Find SVG for those projects on Commons. The file is usually named like "File:Wikinews-langcode.svg". Remember the SVG might not be created&uploaded yet, if that happened, pick another project.
  3. Check the SVG match the current logo of project. Sometimes, there are multiple versions uploaded on Commons - the HD version must match the non-HD version exactly. If not, find another SVG or pick another project.
  4. Discover the size of 1x logo version. You can do it by going to, where PROJECTCODE is the name of project as stated in the task (arcwiki, krwiki etc).
  5. Create PNGs which are 1.5x and 2x of the original logo. Name them PROJECTCODE-1.5x.png and PROJECTCODE-2x.png and optimize them using optipng -o7, see optipng's page.
  6. In mediawiki-config Git repository, store them to /static/images/project-logos directory & push for review (in one commit).
  7. In another commit (dependent on the first one), please add the newly added files to wgLogoHD in wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php.


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