Create an SQL query to get statistics for Top 10 users who were most thanked

Basic SQL skills are needed in this task.

As a normal editor of English Wikipedia, I would like to know how many thanks are given.

The target is to have a statistic page like this old one.

Thanks is a Mediawiki extension that allows one user to send a thanks notification to another.

"Replicas" is the common name for the SQL read-only database servers that allow everybody to run queries against publicly available wikis' data. The thanks logs can be found in the logging table for each wiki. You can use as a simple web interface to execute queries on replicas. is an example how to use the table.

In total, we want four queries (four GCI tasks). This task is about the query:

  • Top 10 users who were most thanked

Here is what is wanted step by step:

Create a Wikipedia account if you don't have one already

Log into Phabricator and/or create an account

Edit the current task description to say that you're working on one of the queries (use "Edit task" at the right and add an "x" cross in the "[ ]" checkbox in the right line)

Connect to and fork (the button is at the right of the title)

Try to understand what the sample query does, edit and run it until you've the excepted result.

Add the result table (use "Download > Wikitable" menu in Quarry) to the right section in

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