In the MinervaNeue mobile skin, the "Edit" button should not be shown as enabled to anonymous editors

MediaWiki has an extension called MobileFrontend which uses a skin called Minerva-Neue. You can see them in action when you go to (for example) instead of (note the "m" instead of "www" in the URL).

If I use the MinervaNeue skin for the MobileFrontend extension and I set the following user rights in MediaWiki via the wgGroupPermissions preference in the LocalSettings.php file:

$wgGroupPermissions['*']['edit'] = false;
$wgGroupPermissions['user']['edit'] = true;

Expected: As the setting above defines that anonymous users who are not logged in cannot edit a wiki page, I should get some indication I cannot edit.

Actual: the edit button can still be clicked.

I can continue the edit and its only when I try to save that I hit issues.

Expected: Clicking the edit icon should prompt the user to login in some way.

Developer notes:

At minimum, we should disable the edit icon to these users (showing edit-locked) based on the check of permissions.

A better solution would be to mimic the CtaDrawer for the watchstar. The CtaDrawer provides this functionality for the watchstar.

Also see the screenshots in the Phabricator task!

You are expected to provide a patch in Wikimedia Gerrit. See for how to set up Git and Gerrit.

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