Write instructions how to use Gerrit's test instance at and link them from other documentation

For this task, you must have already used Gerrit and Git a little bit before. For example by having worked on

You'll also have to write a wiki page: You need some English and writing skills (correct punctuation, etc.). :) is a Gerrit test instance. It runs the same code as our main ("production") Gerrit instance, (where the 'real' code review happens).

It can be used for testing bots or wrappers around Gerrit's Rest API for development purposes. But do not offer info about this test instance and how to use it.

There should be a short tutorial that explains:

  • What is
  • When and who should use it?
  • How to create an account on it? Tip: First register
  • How to clone repositories and push changes? Tip: For changes to show up in Gerrit for review, use git push origin HEAD:refs/for/<branch-name>

Start by creating a draft on a subpage of your user page (for example if your user name is ABC123, start on and provide a link here, before creating the actual page. On , use the same username+password as for Do not use the same password for !

Once your draft looks good, create the actual wiki page on After that, link your tutorial from the places listed in the Phabricator task!

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  • gerrit
  • developer docs

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