Transcribe music sheet images into score tags on three pages on Wikipedia (II)

This is a task for people who like music. :)

Musical articles on Wikipedia pages often have an image of sheet music to show a motif or incipits, etc. However, built into Wikipedia is a MediaWiki extension called "Score" to display sheet music more natively than with images. It also allows for playback so others can listen to the music!

Your task is:

  1. Learn Lilypond
  2. Find and select a few musical articles that use images for music sheet on a Wikipedia page. (This does not have to be the English Wikipedia.)
  3. Make sure you are logged in. (Create an account on Wikipedia via the "Create account" link at the top, if you haven't done already.)
  4. Transcribe three (subject to a determination of difficulty) of the images into Lilypond, replacing the images by the <score> that you have written, and publish your changes on those pages. An edit summary for your changes like "Convert musical sheet image into a score" or something like that is welcome, so other Wikipedia authors know what you have been doing in your Wikipedia edit. General information on editing wiki pages is available.
  5. Provide links to your changes here in this GCI task.

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