Find and add five images (which correspond to an emoji) to the Commons Twitter Bot code

The Commons-twitter-bot project is a bot software which controls a Twitter account via the Twitter API. If a user tweets an emoji to the bot, the bot should reply to the tweet with an image from Wikimedia Commons that represents the same emotion as the emoji.

The Git source code repository is under labs/tools/Commons-twitter-bot.

The Commons-twitter-bot project has a file called images.json. In this file, all the images used by the bot are mapped to emoji. Some emojis have no images mapped to them yet and some have wrong images mapped to them. Mapping images from Wikimedia Commons that represent the emoji emotion will improve the bot's responses upon tweets to the bot.

Note to GCI participants:

  • The selected images must have author and license information available on Wikimedia Commons.
  • To complete this task you must provide a patch which maps at least 5 images to an emoji.
  • You are expected to provide a patch in Wikimedia Gerrit. See for how to set up Git and Gerrit.

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Students who completed this task

Sun Yiming

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