Fedora Project

Connect to the Thingspeak Channel

In order to communicate over any network you either transmit or receive the data. In this task, you have to transmit as well as receive the data using an API.

  • Connect your board to the internet (preferably through WiFi);
  • Create a new public channel on Thingspeak platform to store the temperature and humidity;
  • Create the circuit to read the temperature and humidity (you can use DHT11); Send this data to your channel;
  • Read the response and print it on your Serial Monitor.

Preferred Boards: NodeMCU | Raspberry PI | Arduino + ESP8266

Deliverable: sketch (code), circuit diagram, constructed circuit, and the Thingspeak channel

Task tags

  • iot
  • thingspeak
  • internet

Students who completed this task

Arash, echoduck, CHROMICO, AntonĂ­n, Pollob, Zachzhao, Margi, Kev Heavy

Task type

  • code Code