Create an interactive presentation with Pocket Code

Create an interactive presentation about a country with pocket code. Provide useful information about the population, the culture, the spoken language(s), the capital and other interesting facts such as local issues or similar.


  • Provide some kind of control to the user e.g. by buttons, sensors etc.
  • The presentation should at least contain one animation The presentation should at least contain one mini-game that is themed suitably to the country you chose.
  • Use scenes for this task
  • Make it visually attractive!

All code must be original. All images and resources used should be under CC0 licence. If you couldn’t find required images, feel free to sketch them or make a simple version of them in Pocket Paint!

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  • pocket code

Students who completed this task

Jayanth, Soumitra Shewale, MajesticHero, Łukasz Ameljan, PMS

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