Catrobat - Stickers!

An important resource for open source organizations are stickers. We love to have them on our computers, lunchboxes, bikes, just everywhere!

Catrobat just got a new logo and we want you to create a special sticker, that we will print and hand out to our community. Design a 5 cm circle sticker in high resolution (at least 300 dpi), featuring our new Catrobat Logo. It shouldn’t be too boring, so get creative! Make sure that all resources you use are CC0 and also put your file under CC0 license!

You can find our new logo here under this link.

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  • print
  • design

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Nafis, Taahira15, Omer Ahmed, Martina Hanusova, Soumitra Shewale, alzz_26, Abhi Kulshrestha, JustinA, limyumin5, Thea M, maddie, Surya Pratap Singh, Rajul Mahto, Adrien, MajesticHero

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