Remix and Share a Program!

Start PocketCode and use the explore functionality to look at some of the more popular programs created with PocketCode. Choose any program you like, download it and add something to it. Then share your remix again. Do not forget to give credit to the original creators!


  • Add at least 2 objects
  • Add at least 20 blocks
  • have them interact in a meaningful way with the program
  • mention the original creator and his app in your description when uploading

Examples: Let the player choose an alternative costume for an object in the game, add a selection of background music

Important: Attribute the original creator when uploading your app. Indicate what you added or changed in the program so it is easier for us to review.

Task tags

  • visual programming
  • app creation

Students who completed this task

Jenn, Agape, Martina Hanusova, Vaibhav Surendra, Rose, PMS, Bendaksh, JustinA, NatalieAnne, Daivik G, Chiranjiv, AAA2003, Thivedraan, TosyWaleed

Task type

  • code Code