Clean Code Policy

Catrobat is driven forward by a large number of volunteer contributors, jointly developing our open source services. To make it as simple as possible for new developers to contribute, we have a clean code policy. Task for you: Do some research on what “clean code” is, what principles it follows and what rules developers should follow. Furthermore, look up the Catroid Repository ( and find examples for clean code and explain why it is clean code, or find examples of the opposite and explain why the example fails being clean code.

Create a shared Google Doc, summing up you research on Clean Code, providing some simple guidelines for new developers and also pointing out examples from the existing Catroid Code.

Task tags

  • coding
  • android
  • quality

Students who completed this task

Alomot, Mojzauke, Łukasz Ameljan, alzz_26, PyroCat

Task type

  • assessment Outreach / Research