Write a draft article about Catrobat for Wikipedia in your language

Research how other programming languages such as Python or Scratch are presented on Wikipedia. Research what information Wikipedia articles should contain according to Wikipedia’s suggestions to authors, and how Wikipedia articles are formatted. Find relevant Wikipedia Pages in your own mother tongue, where Catrobat should be mentioned and add the corresponding information there. If Catrobat is already mentioned there, check if the information is still up to date and if it could get updated 5g., mention existing extensions, features, etc.). Where applicable add cross-references to other Wikipedia pages. Create a new Wikipedia userspace-draft page for Catrobat in your mother tongue’s Wikipedia section in your own userspace (do NOT create a public Wikipedia page before you get our OK – this is very important! Only create a draft). If Wikipedia pages in other languages already exist, you may translate them, but make sure to also add new information. Also research and describe the history of Catrobat as well as the extensions of Pocket Code, e.g., for Lego Mindstorms NXT and Arduino. Create a Google doc that allows comments, outlining all edits you made, including pointers to the version-diffs of your edits and links to the corresponding Wikipedia pages and Wikipedia pages you used for this task. Furthermore, create a guideline in that shared document that sums up your research of what information should/can get published, to make it easier for future contributors to work on.

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