Create your own game apps in a visual way directly on your smartphone!

You can easily create your own apps, games, and animations directly on your smartphone using an intuitive yet powerful visual programming app. Simply drag and drop Lego-like bricks with our free apps (Android and iOS) and design your very first interactive games or animations within minutes, without any previous knowledge. You can use your phone’s sensors, camera, high resolution multi-touch screen, a powerful and fast physics game engine, or connect your program wirelessly with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or Lego Mindstorms robots. A built-in powerful paint app (transparency, layers, zoom to pixel) and a multi-media library with awesome images and sounds allow you to get started immediately. If you have a smart TV, you can even create Wii/Kinect style games directly on your phone. More than 600 contributors have already been part of our free open source software (FOSS) project. At the same time, Catrobat is also a meta-FOSS project, as users are encouraged to easily share and remix projects under an open source license on our community platform --- more than 30 million projects can be downloaded through our apps. Learn from others, remix, or collaborate on projects with your friends. Catrobat fosters an open mindset and helps everyone to become part of a growing international community. Share your projects, chat with others on our Discord channels, and check out how others have created their awesome app. Join us and become part of Catrobat!

Primary Open Source License: Affero GNU Public License

Programming Languages:

  • catrobat
  • java
  • swift


  • apps
  • games
  • visual programming
  • android
  • ios