<link> & <guid> fields incorrect for RSS feed for watchlist

This task expects you to be familiar with MediaWiki. This task requires you to figure out more things by yourself then other tasks, so it is recommended you have completed at least 2 other mediawiki coding tasks.

When you view an RSS feed for a watchlist, and your watchlist has a log entry in it (For example if somebody moves the page, or protects the page), the <link> tag and the <guid> tag are incorrect. They should instead link to something like (assuming the logid number is 1234)

We have to modify ApiFeedWatchlist::createFeedItem in the file includes/api/ApiFeedWatchlist.php to properly handle log entries. See ApiQueryWatchlist::ApiFeedWatchlist for details of what type of things can be passed here. In particular you need to handle the logging type of entry better.

To complete this task:

  • (If you haven't already) download and setup a copy of mediawiki (You should have already done this in other tasks).
  • Add some pages to your watchlist on your test wiki (the blue star icon)
  • Protect them (or do other things to them) in order to generate some log actions
  • Look at action=apifeedwatchlist&feedformat=rss in the api. Verify the bug is present
  • Fix ApiFeedWatchlist::createFeedItem
  • Test again to make sure things are fixed.
  • Upload your patch to Wikimedia Gerrit
  • Check to make sure that jenkins bot does not flag any errors.

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