Get onto Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Wikimedia development, like many free software collaboration efforts, relies a lot on IRC for discussion.

If you have not been on Wikimedia IRC channels yet, you can claim this task. You have to:

  1. install an IRC client you like, but not IRC clients listed as "web" or proprietary (Examples: irssi, HexChat and KVIrc are good. mIRC,, AndroIRC are not okay.)
  2. connect to the "Freenode" network and register your nickname. Registration will not be complete until you send to nickserv the verification code that you received by email.
  3. join the channel/room called #wikimedia-dev (instructions).
  4. double-check that you are on #wikimedia-dev.
  5. say hello on the channel, but never put personal info on IRC: Stick with your first name or username but not your full name, no phone numbers, no home addresses, etc.! Please mention that you are on IRC for GCI. The channel is public; it is a place for general discussion of Wikimedia development and not only for Google Code-in, so some people might not know what GCI is.
  6. stay at least one hour before leaving.

When you have completed all (!) steps above, submit this task for review and tell us the nickname you used on IRC.

OPTIONAL: Follow conversations and updates on the channel: there might be situations to help someone else or be helped or click a link posted. You can also join other IRC channels in your native language.

OPTIONAL: You may also subscribe to one of our technical mailing lists where non-realtime discussion happens.

Task tags

  • synchronous communication
  • irc
  • personal interaction
  • help
  • community

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Task type

  • assessment Outreach / Research