Convert HTTP links to HTTPS in 2 MediaWiki extensions (V)

This task is rather boring, but it can be a useful exercise to learn setting up and using Gerrit (our code review tool).

In many MediaWiki extension there are still some old http:// links to They should use https:// instead.

  • Clone the code repositories of the two MediaWiki extensions mediawiki/extensions/Collection and mediawiki/extensions/Babel.
  • Find all the http links to and change them to https
    • Note: Do not change values of namespace schema definitions (for example values for xmlns, xsi:schemaLocation, targetNamespace should not be changed).
  • Submit two patches in Wikimedia Gerrit (one for each repository). See for how to set up Git and Gerrit. Make sure to follow and list the Phabricator ticket/bug T189687.

To find http links, you can use

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