MapServer: Make a video promoting MapServer

1.Make a video about the MapServer online mapping engine, the fastest mapping engine in the world.Your video could be on the features of MapServer, history of the project, or also recent events that the MapServer team has participated in. (please note that you cannot paste text directly from the existing documentation, into your video: the goal is to use your own words to describe MapServer)

  • Recommended software to use to create your video: ClipChamp https://app.clipchamp.com/editor
  • in the video properties on Youtube, set the license to "Creative Commons"

2.Please also add a link to your video on the MapServer wiki at: https://github.com/mapserver/mapserver/wiki/MapServer-Google-Code-In-2018

3.Please subscribe to the MapServer-dev mailing list (subscribe at https://lists.osgeo.org/listinfo/mapserver-dev) and send an email there to inform the MapServer community of your video. Thank you! :)

Find us on IRC chat: #mapserver on freenode if you need help or any questions

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Shivam Rai, SunveerSingh

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