pgRouting: Video of Workshop section 4.1


IMPORTANT To make this video previous videos are not compulsory But the preparation of software and data for this video, is explained in the following tasks

  • Installation of OSGeoLive on a virtual machine
    • Task: OSGeoLive: First Task

Make a video of

  • Section(s) 4.1.1 of the workshop
  • Don't speak on the video
  • If needed, add titles of what you are doing
  • Follow solution link (if exists)
  • Less than 2 minutes

The video should be made available for use by the OSGeo Foundation under the

  • Creative Commons Attribution‐ShareAlike license
  • Use assets (e.g., music) that can be published under this.


  • Preferable: link to video on YouTube
  • OR mp4 video file

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  • pgRouting
  • workshop
  • Video

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