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Mifos Android Client App - Organize Pull Requests

The objective is to separate the ready-to-be-merged Pull Requests (PR) from the others

  1. Go through the Android Client's PR
  2. Check if the PR has been reviewed by someone a - If it has been reviewed, and no change has been asked by the reviewer, mark it Reviewed - Ready to be Merged b - If it has been reviewed, and some change has been asked by the reviewer, mark it Reviewed - Changes Needed c - If it has not been reviewed, mark it Reviewed - NEED REVIEW

You have to submit a spreadsheet (you can use Microsoft Excel or Libre Office or Google sheets etc) with four columns

  1. First column => link to the PR
  2. Second column => name/heading as mentioned in the PR
  3. The third column should be the Status as described in the description above. Use color coding: a - Green => ready to be merged b - Blue => Reviewed but changes needed c - Red => Need Review
  4. Fourth column => Date on which you checked the status.
  5. The submission should have at least 15 records. More records will add to the weight of your task. However, duplicate records - adding the same PR more than once - will have a negative effect.

If you need help, you can either contact the mentor assigned for the task or contact the public channel for the Android Client.

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