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Mifos - Create A Roles And Permissions Component And Design Its User Interface In Mifos X Web App


The objective is to create a roles and permissions component and design its user interface.


  1. Create a roles and permissions component under the system section.
  2. Connect it via routing from the system component so that its accessible.
  3. Make sure to read the guidelines to replicate a screen from here.
  4. Design the user interface for the roles and permissions component using angular material components and flex layout directives to ensure responsiveness.

You may have a look at the current implemented components in the accounting section for reference.

How to get help

If you need help, be sure to post your question to our developer mailing list or ask in our chatroom.

Please Note: This task does not involve writing the code for functionality (API requests) and documentation (comments) which could be expected as a separate task after the completion of this task. Although, it would be highly appreciated if the student is able to complete the same here itself. Do remember, quality over quantity is the key!

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