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LibreHealth: LibreHealth EHR: Fix 2 existing bugs/issues

If reporting a bug, ensure you are NOT using the demo

This task is repeatable up to 3 times

First, fork and clone the code from GitHub. We suggest you use a topic branch.

Then select 2 existing issues from the Issue Tracker on GitHub, and fix it. Please reference it in your pull request description like Fixes #123, where #123 is the issue number.

Comment on the issues you intend to fix, to give notice to others that you opted to fix it.

Submit your work as 2 separate pull requests to LibreHealth EHR GitHub, along with screenshots showing your changes.

If you need help, be sure to post your question to our forums or ask in our chatroom for Google Code-In.

This must be original work and must be in your own words. Any assets you use must be Creative Commons and attributed accordingly, or be your own original work.

If your work is not original, then in a separate document, list the sources plus the license.

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  • EHR
  • multiple-per-student
  • librehealth

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punwai, jz53

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