Supply category, icon, screenshots for packages in HaikuDepot [20]

The HaikuDepot application is our central app to find and install software. There are many packages, however, that don't have their icon set, nor are there screenshots available and many aren't sorted into a software category either. These are all things that help users when evaluating software.

Your job is to improve this situation.

Required for the task

  • both(!) 32bit and 64bit Haiku images installed
  • an account for HaikuDepot, see the user guide
  • installed application app2png from HaikuDepot
  • installed application LibreOffice from HaikuDepot

List of applications to test

Download a set of 10 packages to test as a LibreOffice ODS file at: https://0x0.st/sUtl.ods

(If you can't find a package it's most probable that it's not available for your current platform. You'll just have to boot to the other Haiku installation (32 <-> 64bit). If packages turn out not to be GUI apps to take screenshots of, please ask your mentors for substitutes.)

The task

Detailed instructions are in a separate wiki page. The page is a little long, but you only have to follow the instructions, which shouldn't be too hard.

Task tags

  • haikudepot
  • screenshot
  • icon

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Task type

  • assessment Outreach / Research