Join us on IRC

Use an IRC client to log onto our IRC channel and stick around for four hours.

To submit the task, we need an official IRC log where we can tell that it was you, e.g. a similar username here and there.

NOTE TO MENTORS: A module is being developed for this purpose. The process looks like this:

  1. Students will ask mentors to link them to the GCI module.
  2. Mentors, under their own registered nick under NickServ, will run .gci <nick> with the student's nick.
  3. Begiak generates a code which will be posted onto the Task Instance by the mentor. (This verifies that the mentor did link the student to the GCI module.)
  4. Begiak will send a message after four hours when the task has been completed.

Mentors may also use the command .gci_check <nick> to verify that a student has completed the task. For more details, please refer to https://github.com/apertium/phenny/issues/437.

Task tags

  • irc

Students who completed this task

tessera, Kainatic, Khushi Chawla, dharjunior, amuritna, E Sheremetyeva, Gabe, Alberto Navalon, abhinav-surendra, melun, Rahul Madaan, Yuyuan Luo :), mitchLui, YAN-KAI, maviek, Anqi the Water Addict, Vani, Alexander, Yasin, Diogo F., kingofgooglecodein, DarthVader, dolphingarlic, tarzanjunior, aplusryan, rdmgr3, Kacper, Johan Ng, ErykMikolajek, Codefreak, Tushita Madan, ra20r, NateM135, Minal Daud, Pola, Rayyan, Chandrakant, Shadman Ahmmed

Task type

  • assessment Outreach / Research