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[Sample-Platform] Implement option to delete category


CCExtractor is a tool to extract subtitles/closed captions from video streams. In order to verify that changes to the code don't break previous samples with issues, we created a test suite. To run this whenever a pull request on GitHub is opened, or when a commit is made, we created the Sample Platform (often abbreviated as SP), which is a website where users can submit faulty samples, and which kicks off the test suite on different platforms.

The task

The sample platform lacks CRUD operations for category.The goal of this task is to create the delete part of CRUD for category so that a category can be deleted in the database from the website by administrators.

Requirements to complete this task

We expect an opened pull request, which contains the modification requested above, unit tests that cover (most of) the changes, and documentation where necessary.

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  • flask
  • python

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Matej Plavevski

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