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Create an artwork/banner for CCAligner readme file.


CCAligner is a tool for word by word audio subtitle synchronisation (e.g. creating karaoke like subtitle out of normal subtitles - but that's not what it is limited to. The tools was built during this GSoC and doesn't have a logo.

The task

Your task is to create a clean and simple yet beautiful artwork or banner for CCAligner readme file involving the logo you've designed for CCAligner. This banner will be placed on top of the readme file and will be the first thing users see. Keep that in mind.

You may find more information about the tool here : along with its brief summary here :

It should ideally be clean, flat and minimalistic. Feel free to include any easter egg/eye winking stuff! 😉

Requirements to complete this task

You may use any program to design the logo as long as you provide high resolution PNG (preferably with with blank background) and the source file (e.g. PSD or AI).

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John Chew

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  • web Design