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Generate Windows binaries using Visual Studio


This may or may not be easy :-) The job is to get the current source code from GitHub and compile it using Visual Studio. It's possible that it will just work (it should). It's possible that there's some missing library or something that needs to be added to the project.

We don't know for sure, but this is a requirement to release the new version.


  1. Build binaries (note that there's a few versions, such as with and without OCR)
  2. If you need to add something to the project, do it, and then send a pull request
  3. Write useful build instructions

What do we expect?

Either a pull request if something needs to be added so that the project can be built, or a guide on how to build the executable.

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  • windows
  • c
  • visual studio
  • compiler

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Skshm, sd2048, doamatto, Brian M, Ivan Makarov

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