CCExtractor Development

Remove warning at the time of Compilation warning in GPAC when build through autotools


  1. Read Standard linux compilation through Autoconf scripts section of compilation guide of ccextractor at following link
  2. Compile CCExtractor using autoconf on linux and 64 bit operating system.
  3. Check warning thrown from GPAC at time of compilation.
  4. GPAC warnings are present because GPAC_64_BITS preprocesor flag is not present in 64 bit build.
  5. GCC expects preprocessor flag through -D option eg: gcc -DFLAG a.c


  1. You need to define GPAC_64_BITS through changing
  2. Make sure 32 bit build are not affected.
  3. Raise a pull request with your Fix

Look for GPAC specific define in File:
Search for: ccextractor_CFLAGS

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