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Download and verify a fedora ARM image on Linux

The Fedora installation media for Raspberry PI is distributed as a disk image. The disk image is written to a SD card and used to boot a Raspberry PI. It is of several gigabytes of size and has a possibility of being corrupted while being downloaded. A corrupted disk image causes problems while booting, so it is recommended to verify the image while downloading. A checksum is like a signature of a file (or any other binary data) using one of many available cryptographic hash functions. It has a property of altering drastically even when a single byte of data changes. Thus, it makes a very reliable means of checking for data integrity. However, not many people are aware of checksum verification.


To create an shell script snippet for downloading Raspberry PI and verifying against checksum. Such scripts can later be embedded at our Wiki page. A complete list of files are available here.

Suggested approach

Write a script that uses wget or cURL to download the Fedora image and then uses sha256sum to check the file. By convention, the checksum for the file Fedora-XXX.img is called Fedora-XXX-CHECKSUM, available under the same path.


  • Shell script snippet for downloading fedora image and verifying against checksum.
  • Submit the scripts as a Github Gist and mail the link to amitosh@fedoraproject.org

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